Cheap but decent case & PSU?

I'm from the UK and going to be building a decent system with be running a ATX Board with i5 CPU (not sure on which yet)

Just looking for a starting point with the case and PSU give me some suggestions
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  1. Hello tally2425;

    Your choice of video card will be what determines what size PSU (and case to some extent) is required.
    Using just the i5's onboard video chip? A 300W PSU is about right.

    Case and PSU choice usually comes last - so you already have an idea how much power you need and how much / what size parts your case needs to hold.
  2. Good case that don't cost much with a decent psu are rare even in the best of times. Got tired of junky modern cases that are mostly cheap plastic and some sorry excuse for metal. So I just made use of a hideous case from the 90s and put money into getting the best bang for buck psu.

    You might not want that but just a thought. When it comes to the psu brand and model is every thing now days but even then you might get something that is just junk after all that is all what they make except for a few. :s

    Rant: To many cases now days all look the same with poor taste and built almost as flimsy as the box they come in.
  3. I will be using this 'Rig' for gaming so will be using a decent GFX card so will want a good PSU, What websites are best to use for browsing cases/PSU/parts?
  4. I am not sure when it comes to the UK :s
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