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Regarding speed of my corsair xms 4gb memory

I have intel core i5-3570k CPU, p8z77-v Asus mobo, corsair xms 2*4gb 1600 MHz memory. In my bios as well as CPU-z it shows my ram runs @1333Mhz speed. How its possible? Is there any way to make my ram work @1600MHz.?
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  1. By setting the Ai Overclock Tuner to XMP in BIOS or manually setting the speed and timings.
    The RAMs default speed is 1333.
  2. actually, i am new for overclocking, can you please explain me how to do it in my P8Z77-V Mobo.
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    In BIOS, Ai Tweaker, switch Ai Overclock Tuner from Auto to XMP, save and exit BIOS.
  4. ok i will try and will let you know if it helped.
  5. i wont be trying it right now. might be tomorrow morning according Indian Standard Time as its already 1:22am and still have some work. Thanks for your reply.
  6. alexoiu said:
    In BIOS, Ai Tweaker, switch Ai Overclock Tuner from Auto to XMP, save and exit BIOS.

    I triesd it. After saving bios and reseting the power led glows but pc wont boot. When i completely shutdown cpu and then start it a message arrives saying overclocking failed.

    I even tried to overclock by selecting performance mode but it overclocks ram a little from 1333MHz to 1372MHz.
  7. What's the RAMs model?
  8. model of the ram is

    Corsair DDR3 4 GB (1 x 4 GB) PC RAM (CMX4GX3M1A1600C11)

    I have purchased two ram.
    Even on the box its been return 1600MHz
  9. It's better using a kit than two separate modules. You can try manually setting the 1600, 11-11-11-30 in BIOS or leave them at 1333. No noticeable loss.
  10. i will give it a try, and will inform
  11. same issue as above. no progress.
    I am Installing Asus Turbo Utility and will try to do it.
  12. Even Asus turbo utility fails. Am i missing anything?
  13. Hey!!! Hurray! Guess What, I got it solved.

    check this: [...] el=P8Z77-V

    Thank you very much alexoiu for your replies and help.
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