P8Z77-V Pro onboard sound issue

Alright guys.

Here's one for you. This morning everything was working great. Nothing wrong, been using the on-board wireless since building the comp, but had bought a PCI wireless adapter in error and decided to install it to see if there was a significant difference in the connection speeds (there wasn't).

Well after installing, my sound doesn't work. Not just one program, all of them, itunes, skype, games etc. Now, I've uninstalled the wireless card, defaulted the BIOS, reinstalled the realtek audio driver and still nothing else.

I'm currently using the front panel connection, however, the back connection did not work either. I'm hoping I've overlooked something simple because I'd rate to have to RMA this MOBO when It was working perfectly fine less than an hour ago.

Nothing is muted that I can see, and what's upsetting is that I can see that audio is being outputed. when I have the volume mixer open

Please help.
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  1. Hi, Have you cleared the CMOS (unplugged the power cord and removed the CMOS battery), or only loaded the BIOS default settings?
  2. I have put the bios back to default, but i'm unfamiliar with clearing the CMOS
  3. I followed the directions on my MOBO to reset the CMOS and inputted the new info into the bios afterwards.

    Still nothing.
  4. Then it might be a board issue. Was the PSU turned off when you installed/uninstalled the PCI card?
  5. Yes, the psu was turned off. I'm trying to install a old sound card to get me through until I can contact the place of purchase but I cant find the appropriate drivers.

    It's annoying considering this mobo is less than a month old.
  6. Vista drivers usually work with Windows 7.
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