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i have problems with my netbook,i am using WINDOWS 7 PROFESSIONAL.. it has build in microphone but when i start using ''SPEECH RECGONITION'' it says ''NO DEVICES INSTALLED'' then i go to device manager to check for updates for ''SYSTEM SPEAKERS'', then it says ''WINDOWS HAS DETERMINED THE DRIVER SOFTWARE FOR YOUR DEVICE IS UP TO DATE'' then i clicked the ''DRIVER DETAIS'' then it says ''NO DRIVER FIES ARE REQUIRED OR HAVE BEEN LOADED FOR THIS DEVICE''...i tried to download the setting by searching it on google but no settings match for ''SYSTEM SPEAKERS''
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  1. System speakers and your microphone refer to 2 different things. Are you trying to use your netbooks built-in mic (assuming it has one) or one that you have plugged in to the mic port?
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