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So my new pc is coming with a Creative Labs X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional sound card and theres no usb input on the card. I've searched google and can't seem to find out does this mean theres no way to use the card with a headset thats usb only? Or can i just plug it into the tower and use it that way? I'm going to be buying a new headset soon so that info is definitely need to know lol.
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  1. If you are using a dedicated sound card, you will be better served by using a non-USB headset. If this is your card:

    then you should get a headset with * 3.5" * connectors like these:

    A USB headset will not work with an internal dedicated sound card like the one you are getting, simply because there is no way for them actually connect. With that sound card getting a USB headset would be kinda tragic.. you could still use it, but the quality would be worse than 3.5" headset plugged directly into the card. You can also output some beastly 7.1 surround with the Titanium Pro Fatality..

    fyi, I am not recommending that headset, its just an example of the connector I specified.

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