Available ram in win 7 and win 8

I'm sure this has been answered elsewhere but I didn't see it...

I learned that hard way that win7 home premium is not the way to go when you have 32gb of ram. As everyone is aware by now, win7 home only lets you have access to 16gb even though it knows you have 32gb installed. Gotta love those artificial limits....
Anyway, as I was going over the win8 specs I noticed that the limits for ram in win 8 are 128gb...


2 things:

1. Am I reading this wrong or not looked deep enough for the rest of the answer
2. Is it as simple as upgrading to win8 to magically get access to the rest of the 32gb of ram?

Thank you.
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  1. Sorry about the url entry. I guess I didn't add it correctly. It's supposed to be the link to microsofts site explaining the ram limits for the various os's.
  2. I don't think you're reading it wrong, as it is a page at microsoft.com itself which is very clearly stated. Either upgrading to Windows 8 or to a higher version of 7 (e.g., Professional) would let you use all your RAM. BTW, what are you doing that requires so much memory?
  3. I wrongly felt, at the time of my build, that 32gb of ram was important to me. Fortunately I didn't sacrifice other aspects of my system in that decision.

    I was more surprised then anything else that win8 wouldn't have imposed the same limits on it's users...
  4. And even with win8 it depends on the version. The cheap upgrade version is a win8 Pro with a ram limit of 512Gb.
  5. Artificial limits are pretty stupid. That said I really cannot think of a situation where 16GB of ram would not be enough.

    Personally, I would just stick to 16gb. Windows 8 is not very good from what I have seen.
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