starcraft is the goat

starcraft is the goat
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  1. Hello busterblue52;

    Not looking like an especially good value.
    Sketchy 400W PSU isn't what you want to see in a new system.

    Lets see what else is out there.
  2. Athlon II? Old School. Better values out there!
  3. that will run wow fine with a 6850.
  4. After reading the topic title again - I think he's already bought it.
    Kinda late to be stopping by here.

    Good news is that it will run WoW just fine.
    Bad news is that he probably spent too much.
  5. starcraft is the goat
  6. You'll get high graphics on WoW -- no problems there with the CPU/RAM/GPU.
    If that PSU is just 'average quality' you could be OK.
    Looks like they cut a lot of corners on parts (like the PSU) and still charged what you'd expect to pay for newer model parts.
  7. starcraft is the goat
  8. Some of the worrisome details:
    A 2010 model CPU, a 400W Compucase PSU with twin 80mm fans, a motherboard with no MFGR/Model info.

    Specs say: PCI-EXPRESS VIDEO CARD HD PCI-Express 1080p Video Card ONBOARD
    but elsewhere on page it mentions Radeon HD 4250 graphics controller and in another place it says Radeon HD 3000 Video
    Shows lack of attention to somewhat important details.
  9. Im trying to find more info on that specific power supply.

    When it gets there..... will you start up a new topic and list the make/model number on the side of the PSU case? Mention you want to know if can run your system with the HD 6850.

    In the mean time - there isn't any problem running the computer with just the onboard graphics while check into that PSU's pedigree.
  10. you should not hook up your graphics card yet. the HD 6850 requires a 500 watt power supply minimum.

    Some good power supply companies are Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, OCZ. heres a list of good ones

    you can build a much better PC for 600$. Theres a 30 day return on that PC.
  11. HEC Orion 400W ATX Quiet Computer Power Supply HP 400D, w/ Dual 80mm Fans
    HP 400D is the model number.

    I think that might be the model in your system. Confirm it if you can.
  12. The motherboard info is further down in the webpage.

    And it doesn't suck: BIOSTAR A880GZ AM3+ 880G
  13. starcraft is the goat
  14. starcraft is the goat
  15. You do not want to buy a cheap power supply. Its probably the most important part of your computer. If it blows, it can take out the rest of your computer.
  16. It's a good thing. The CPU might be a 2010 model but the MB is 2nd half of 2011.
    So far it might be the most modern part in that system.
    Not USB 3.0 ports but that's common in budget builds.
  17. starcraft is the goat
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