CPU fan gets loud, and than system shuts down?

Hey Guys,

I have recently purchased a new system and installed it all together, but im having a issues with a loud CPU fan, first the fan is alright, but when i open up a game, such as COD4, it starts to get louder and louder, until it reaches around 5000RPM and shuts down.

I am wondering what the issue might of been, I have attempted to turn the heat sink around perhaps that was the issue, but nothing happened, only issues i could presume might be the problem that perhaps the thermal paste underneath the heat-sink got smudged in to much? since its a heat-sink with thermal paste at the bottom.

but this only happens when i play a game, when i just leave the system on desktop, its perfectly fine.

While on desktop:

Two screenshot taking while the Heatsink was peaking shutdown on a game:

I used Speedfan + HWinfo64

Thank you,

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  1. Apologies for the big screenshot, was unaware of it, for better image, please drag the image to a new tab ;)

    - Alex
  2. System Specs:
    CPU: AMD FX-4170
    Motherboard: ASUS M5A97
    RAM: PNY 1333MHZ 4GB
    PSU: 600W Corsair
    1TB Western Digital
  3. It does look like you may be overheating, your CPU package temp is high at 76 degrees, but core temps are more important, which Speedfan isn't giving. HWMonitor or CoreTemp would give you your CPU core temperatures, which are likely quite high if the package is reading 76.

    For the moment, take off the cooler, clean up the old thermal paste, and apply some new paste, then reattach the cooler. The layer of thermal paste should be thin, do not lay it on thick. You can try applying a pea sized blob on the center of the CPU and spread it out into a thin layer on the CPU with a credit card or something like that, or you could put roughly a pea size blob on the center of the CPU and let the weight of the heat sink distribute the paste when you reattach the cooler, either method should work fine. If that doesn't get your temperatures back under control, you'll probably have to look at getting a new cooler.
  4. Change speed fan shutdown thermal limits. It is set too low.
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