Will this new CPU work/fit with my Mobtherboard?

Hi, i have an old PC so what i am wondering is will a AMD Athlon II X2 270 Processor - 3.4 GHz, Socket AM3, AMD64 Technology work in my current motherboard ?, I believe it will fit but i could be wrong and would it be a huge upgrade?

I recently threw in a new graphics card and power supply and i want to see if it's possible to avoid getting a new motherboard since i am fairly new to this.

CPU AMD Phenom X4 9650 Quad-Core (2.3GHz)
Motherboard Foxconn A7VMX-K
Chipset AMD 780V + SB700
Memory 4GB DDR2
Hard Drive 640GB SATA
Video Card ATI sapphire HD 6870
Power supply is a 600cx corsair

So will this work and if not what would you recommend? My intention is to use it for gaming, thanks for your time :)
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  1. No it won't...It only supports up to phenom...
    Also you'll need new ram as the DDR2 is not supprted on the new mb...
    Here is a link to some mb the better ones are always more but Gigabyte is a good name...
    hope this helps...JQ
  2. The AM3 Processor supports both DDR2 andDDR3 RAM, so it should work on the AM2+ motherboard... you may just need to update the BIOS. The only question is if AM3 processors will work in all AM2+ motherboards... but since the Foxconn A7VMX-K ises AMD 780V + SB700 chipset, chances are it will.


    Read this:
    AM3 CPU in AM2+ Mobo = significant bottleneck or no?
  3. Thanks for the responses, i have a fairly decent graphics card and i would like to stop the bottle-necking.

    I just had a nose at some bundles on amazon where they sell the ram+motherboard+CPU.Below is one i picked out there are a lot around the same price range.


    I am still very new to motherboards, could i consider this a very good upgrade along with the ram/CPU considering what I've got? i am still open to recommendations.

    Thanks guys. :D
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