Deliberating between different 570 SLI setups

Greetings all,
I'm building a semi-high end computer for christmas this year and I'm working on my gpu selection. I finally settled on a dual gtx 570 SLI solution, and now I just need to choose the actual make of the cards.

The cards will be going into an Asus p8z68 mobo:

I have it pretty much narrowed down to three cards. My primary goal is to keep this thing quiet, and I've heard great things about the Asus ENGTX570:
The only problem being that the card is FREAKING GIGANTIC. Assuming I could actually fit 2 inside the case, would airflow be a problem? I think they'd be right up against each other and my initial impression is that I would need at least 1 open pci slot between the two cards to allow for adequate airflow.

Another option is the EVGA 012-P3-1570-AR GeForce GTX 570:

And lastly I'm considering the MSI N570GTX:

With the EVGA and MSI cards I haven't done a whole lot of research past product reviews on Newegg, but they are both rated very high.

Suggestions? Thanks!
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  1. So Asus is a triple slot card (2 will take up all your expansion slots) the EVGA is a single fan card (probably the loudest) leaves the MSI with a dual fan cooler and dual slots!
  2. well right, but are my assumptions correct? The main reason I'm questioning my logic is that I saw an asus benchmarking vid where they had a quad sli setup of 4 gtx 580s and there was only about 2 mm of space between each one. Is there something I'm missing, or would those cards just overheat like crazy over time?

    I also read that the EVGA card was pretty quiet, but you're probably right about the dual fan setup running at lower rpms
  3. There is going to be worse cooling properties with the cards right up against each other. Whether that will be a problem or not I can not answer but most likely it is a few degrees difference.
  4. I have spent lots of time reseraching this. If you can fit the two ASUS card, then go but a better option would be EVGA Classified or trying the 6970 which is the same price as the 570 but offers better performance and xfire scaling than SLI. The MSI 6970 Lightning will cost the same as ASUS 570 but seems to be great. You don't need a GPU to be the same brand as your mobo since it rarely makes a performance increase.
  5. I know that I DEFINITELY don't want to run an ati card; I've had lot's of problems with my 4870 synching video to sound. I would probably use ati if I was going to run an amd chipset, but because I have access to a massive intel discount I'll be using a 2600k and z68 :)

    I'm a little confused by, "If you can fit the two ASUS card, then go but a better option..." I take it that you meant that I SHOULD use the Asus cards if they can fit in my case. Thanks for the advice.

    @rolli59 Ah I see. Well if it's like 8 degrees Celsius then that might be an issue, but if it's only like 5 degrees Fahrenheit then I guess I don't care. Would the temp difference be negligible? I'll probably go with the MSI card as per your suggestion anyway, but I'm curious.

    Actually is there a way to test temps on cards without actually buying them? Or would I have to buy 4 cards and then return 2 of them?
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    You can check tom hardware GPU chart. They list a good amount of GPU temps at different setting and also check tweaktown which basically gives you all the detail of an individtual GPU.
  7. Will you consider a water cooling setup? It will cost more yes, but it will be the most silent setup of all. Then you wont have the air flow problem of your GPU's being so close to each other.
  8. @ Phamhlam: I checked out the GPU chart, but it didn't have a couple models that I wanted to see. Thanks for the tip though, because it allowed me to directly compare several cards in terms of maximum noise level at load, which directly affected my final decision!

    @Rizlla I'll be ocing and watercooling my cpu, but I'll be using air for my GPUs for now. I might water cool them in the future, but it's not right for me at the moment.
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