Batman DX11 and Physx... Whats AMD's version?

So I just got a new 6970 which I am stoked about as it was running BF3 so good it made me happy to buy the card.

But I was just reading an article on IGN about the new batman game running with physx and it looked amazing. But as I have an ATI 6970, I was wondering what the difference between the companies are in regards to the physics engine.

I remember seeing years ago about the Havok engine and something to do with ATI using it. But will my card as its AMD/ATI have the same features as the equivalent Nvidia card. Or would ATI upload some drivers to allow the physics engine in Batman to optimise this feature as the DX11 would be running fine on it.

What are your opinions on this or any advice?

Thanks!!! :bounce:
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  1. You could add an Nvidia card to use as a physix card or just let your cpu do it. I use to use an 8800gt as a physix card with modified drivers from Nvidia. It really wasn't worth the extra heat and time I put into doing the mod. The thing about Nvidia is as soon as your system detects a AMD card it will disable physix so you will have to find a modified driver.
  2. PhysX, originally created by Ageia is mainly for extra particle/collision/water effect and was designed as a stand alone card(PPU). Both ATI and Nvidia ridiculed this company saying these effects would not make enough difference in games and actually lowered FPS of a game(it still does to some extent).

    Years later....Nvidia buys the Ageia and integrates the technology into its Cuda platform. They still have drivers for the owners of the PPU cards.

    This makes the chance of seeing this used on ATI cards nearly impossible. Mostly for competition reasons(it is a selling point just like eyefinity was for AMD). That said, some users have run it on AMD cards as a test(nothing came of it).

    Other users had used lower end Nvidia cards to run the PhysX effects and more powerful ATI cards to run the graphics. Nvidia later put an end to this by disabling ALL hardware PhysX when other cards are installed. Hacked drivers bring this back, but are not always a stable idea.

    So no PhysX on your card, but DX11 is there and you should still get a good gaming experience. There will still be a software(cpu based) PhysX running, but you will have less fancy eye candy.
  3. Don't support PhysX. Nvidia artificially restricts PhysX for CPU with slow x87 floating point instructions, instead of the modern SSE ones. Modern CPUs with competing APIs can achieve just as good performance.
  4. ^ yeah but no where near the same as in x87

    the argument is really irrelevant, different architectures utilizing different instruction sets
  5. OpenCl will replace PhysX.
    The real question is when the Patches will be aviable for Batman (and unreal as Engine)
  6. 3D Vision and Physx are nvidia's forte.Physx does make a huge difference at least to me.If you have never seen the effects in real time on your PC,you will call it useless.Once you have seen the effects thoughy,you WON't want to turn it off.Thats Physx.You cold buy a low cost card like a 9800 GT for physx
  7. I have a 8800GTX and yes support Physx . I do not own BF3 so i can´t say but looks cool on Batman and realy can not see much difference on Mirrors Edge, Resident evil 5 and Mass Effect, etc.

    I can blame developers but the real trouble is Physx is closed and Nvidia exclusive therefore was not widespread as it should be.

    I realy hope OpenCL change that. After all is supported by Nvidia;AMD; OpenGL and most of the industry.
  8. You're SOL running Batman on an AMD card. Too bad, because it has some of the most advanced PhysX effects.
  9. ^looks awesome
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