Bootable windows 7 install USB stick not detected as boot device

For a while now I have had a copy of windows 7 ult. On a flash drive, and have booted from it multiple times on other PCs, but I just tried it on another pc, and it doesn't work.

I sort through BIOS so I can change boot order and install windows 7 from the USB stick, but it isn't found as a boot device. it is, however, detected as a hard drive.

I am a little confused, because i just tried it on my personal PC and it was detected just fine as a boot device.

any help would be awesome! thanks!
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  1. Some ideas: see if Legacy USB is enabled in BIOS and if 3.0 USB controllers present onboard, connect the USB stick to on of the 2.0 ports.
  2. Also some motherboard notice the USB drive as a actual hard drive, so instead of changing the device boot order, change your hard drive boot order.
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