How to change out Video Card, hopefully eas and quick question

Hi guys -

I bought a graphics card to upgrade the ati radeon 4870 512 single that came with my pre-build pc.. it's getting old and flickery and anyway too weak to hang with newer games...

It's here now tonight from newegg and I have a really idiotic question to address before I work on installing it. Like REALLY idiotic.

My motherboard (MSI P45 platinum) has NO onboard video of any kind.

The general instructions I've received on how to do this swap is simply to remove the old video card, insert the new one, plug everything in (in description im skipping obvious details like static strap) , fire up the pc and then navigate to the cd-rom and /or internet (internet in my case from what i understand because the new card xfx radeon 6870 2 gb supposedly is supposed to give you drivers only once youve registered the part with their website), and install drivers, and THEN your new graphics card will work.

Well.. how am I meant to SEE anything on the display if I've taken out my current card, my board has NO video (from what I've read about it), and the new card's drivers aren't in yet?

It seems like this is a dumb question because Im guessing there is some kind of interim or auxiliary mode where I can see without graphics cards, like 16-color ega *** or something =) but i dont know and once i start pulling things id rather not have to undo it all and not be sure i didn't doa my new card by overhandling...

Can anyone set me straight? Can I just go ahead and do it? Or will I need to keep the old card in its original PCI E slot until the new one's in another? and if that is the method, how am I gonna get the new card into the preferrable original PCI E slot??

Thanks for your help guys, i really appreciate the heck out of you all
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    Shut your computer down then take the old gpu out then replace it with the new one. After you install the gpu into your computer boot it up and then install the drivers for it. You will have a video signal even if the drivers for your new gpu are not installed.
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  3. thank you thank you - from what i can tell right now your quick response just made my night - im gonna go into surgery now =)
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