Question about ASRock Z77 Extreme4 regarding RAMs

Hey fellas.

So I'm planning on getting the ASRock Z77 Extreme4. My questions are:

1. 4×240pin. This is pretty self-explanatory but I still want confirmation. This means it can ONLY fit 4 RAMs that are 240 pin?

2. Do I have to fill all 4 slots or is it not necessary?

3. It says Maximum Memory Supported: 32GB. So this means the maximum amount of RAM it can support is 32gb. Would it harm the Mobo if I exceeded that maximum or would it just not be efficient?

4. Can I mix different types of RAMs from different manufacturers together or do they all have to be from the same company?

5. Is there a right and wrong way of buying RAM? Would installing 2 4GB RAM be the same as installing 1 8GB RAM if they were both from the exact same company and had the exact same specs? Or would 2 run more efficiently?

6. Last but not least, I see most mid-to-high-end gaming builds only buying 1 RAM stick (2 at most). For my build I can see the Corsair Vengeance is pretty good. But why is it that they don't fill up the 32GB maximum? Other than trying to lower the budget, do games need that much RAM anyways or will 1 8 GB be enough?

Thank you
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  1. Hi,
    1- Yes, as only DDR3 RAMs supported
    2- No, However, recommended to use dual channel kits (2 or 4 modules, not 1 or 3)
    3- Yes, maximum 32 GB. More than that would probably not work.
    4- 2- more efficiently. When choosing RAMs, use the manufacturers configurators for finding compatible kits.
    5- 8GB are enough for most applications, so a 2x4GB kit 1600 MHz 1.5V would be optimum (in my opinion).
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