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HAF-X I/O Front Panel Replaced...Ground wire?

Last response: in Components
March 22, 2012 2:26:28 AM

I just replaced my HAF-X I/O front panel, and there is one wire on the new one that the old one did not have. I am wondering what it is for?

It appears to be a grounding wire I assume? If so how exactly would I ground it? The wire is pretty short, and I don't know where to ground it to. As many of you know the Haf-X is textured painted steel, not exposed aluminum, am I too mount it to the nearest screw hole and fasten it to the case with a screw? What if I cannot reach the closest hole?
March 22, 2012 3:15:27 AM

You could do that or attach a screw to it that touches a piece of metal in the case, or even use it like a washer and put it in between a screw and say a cdrom drive.