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  1. Looking good, though I would upgrade the RAM to 8GB if possible. Also, take a look at this motherboard: , it has no 1 star reviews, and it is from ASRock, which has really become a good manufacturer this hardware generation. It also supports PCI-E 3.0 which will be useful in the future if you choose to upgrade.
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    It's pretty good, but your PSU is bigger than you need for one card. If it's a gaming build I would say go with a CX500 for $60 and upgrade your card to a 560ti or an HD 6950.

    If it's a build for anything other than gaming I would say get the CX500 and upgrade your processor to an i5-2500 or i5-2500K.
  3. Why don't you tell us if this has maxed out your budget. If you can gather up a few more $$ a gtx560Ti and an i5-25000k would make an awesome build.
    EDIT: I see others type faster than I...
  4. 8Gb of RAM is not needed, I seriously doubt that anyone uses more than about 4 gigs maybe five in a system, and unless your doing server work your computer wont use most of it

    4 is perfectly acceptable
  5. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the general consensus from everyone is going to be that if you can squeeze in an i5-2500K, a 560ti (or 6950), and 8GB of RAM you'll have a great machine. Those three parts move you out of the "budget build" range and into the low-end of the "enthusiast" range. It'll last you longer before you need to upgrade.
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