What upgrades should i make to make to a dell optiplex gx280 to make it the best

I have a dell optiplex gx280 and i was wondering what upgrades I should buy to make the best gaming computer it can be.
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  1. This is a very old machine, like my old GX240. It isn't worth upgrading. For the amount of money which you would spend on it to make it a 'gaming' computer, you could buy a modern gaming system.
  2. Agreed, I would not put money into upgrading any of this. How much money are you willing to spend on upgrading? If you give us a decent budget we could give you a good build.

    If you do want use to do this then please fill this out:

  3. I know this is a year old, but I think it's worth pointing out that this computer is actually pretty cheap to upgrade to a relatively ok computer. Seeing as they can be acquired often for free I imagine many people might want to make the best of a free computer. Sure, it'll never be a proper gaming computer, but it can be capable of running games from around 6+ years ago.

    I bought a p4 3.4ghz cpu for £3 off ebay, then 4gb RAM for £15, a wifi card for £6, and I've just bought a ATI. Radeon hd4550 graphics card for £17 (including postage). I haven't received my gpu yet so can't vouch for what runs well, but Bastion is running (slowly) already without a gpu and I've seen people running COD and similar with a gpu.

    Yes, these aren't cutting edge games, but for £41 you get aj alright allround computer capable of most things and some ok games.
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