GTX 580 SLI and Nvidia 3D Surround


So I built a new gaming PC a few weeks ago and I was running my older 1.5 GB GTX 580 in SLI with the newer 3 GB 580.

Obviously, putting them in SLI together limited the VRAM to 1.5 on the 3 GB version.

I decided to order a second 3 GB 580 and it came in today. I installed it and SLI'ed it to the other 3 GB. I saw a slight performance boost in 3DMark Vantage.

While I SLI'ed the two 3 GB cards, I left my old 1.5 580 in my PC in order to run it as a Physx processor.

After running the initial benchmark, I then decided to SLI all three, which limits the VRAM of the two more powerful cards. However, I saw a significant improvement.

Tomorrow, I have three 23" (1080p) monitors coming in that I was going to set-up for surround gaming.

My question is:

Even though there was a significant increase in performance on a single display (24") I was wondering if anyone knew whether it would be better to SLI only the 2 3 GB 580s for a 3 display set up.

Or if I keep the three-way SLI I have now: is 1.5 GB across three cards enough to do surround vision gaming?
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  1. my question is what the hell do you do to blow that much scratch on that kind of hardware? It ain't garbage disposal, is it?
  2. Just been wantin to do it for a really long time (years) and now I finally have the money to do it.
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