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Hi, i have recently bought a new monitor for my pc and plugged it up and turned her on. I get "bootmgr not found, ctrl/alt/del to restart" I have tried to boot off the windows7 disc i have but it gets to the desktop background and freezes. The computer worked fine before (bout 2 months ago) until my monitor blew. I am thinkin it isnt the monitor and have read about some things.. RAID? others mention RAM defects? I am a novice but do understand how to access BIOS/setup. Shoould i try rebooting with one RAM stick in at a time to eliminate this as a cause? how can I format the drives and reinstal from setup? I dont have anything on the computer that is important as it was a fresh install when i used it last. Help much appreciated!
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  1. Does the BIOS show the hard drive? Normally you enter the BIOS by hitting the DEL key or F2 key when the computer starts up. The BIOS also reports if the hard drive is detected on the screen just after the computer is powered on.
  2. Does the BIOS show the hard drive? Is the correct drive selected as the boot drive?
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