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I wanted to do a cheap office build and I was looking at the AMD FM-1 socket. What I wanted to know is, is the Fusion APU's based on Bulldozer or the older PhenomII & Athelon II architecture?
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  1. AMD Fusion will be better for graphics. Hardware acceleration will reduce the load of the processor. I recommend neither,because you know your needs and usage patterns than us. If you provide some more details,we may be able to figure out.
    And,newer architecture is better than an old one
  2. Newer is better..not always. Bulldozer is horrible it is slower and gets beaten in most programs by the older Athelon II and Phenom II. In this case older is better.
    As I said this would be an office computer so it would be used for word, excel, spread sheets, powerpoint, looking up info on the internet and accounting programs. How does the Fusion do in performance compared to other AMD CPU's like Phenom II and Athelon II and Intel Sandy Bridges? The one I was looking at one that /has four cores but does having integrated graphics slow down the overall processor speed.
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    llano apu are based on k10 on 32nm fabrication process
    you can say that llano have die shrink athlon 2 core or die shrink phenom 2 core withou cache.
  4. Llano is basically a die shrunk Athlon II with integrated graphics, it's the same CPU core used in Phenom, Phenom II, and Athlon II.
  5. Ok thanks. I wanted to make sure it wasn't based on Bulldozer, I want nothing to do with that CPU. Now what about performance, how does it perform against other AMD processors and Sandy Bridges?
  6. a8 performs equal to phenom2 x4 at same speed.
    A8 have 20-25% better performance in heavily threaded tasks against i3 at same speed.
  7. Thanks. I was looking at the A-8 but I can't remember exactly which one.
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