3 beeps

my computer beeps 3 times. I've checked the ram and it's fine in my other pc. But no picture from this one.
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  1. Refer to the motherboard user manual.
  2. warhead0 said:
    Refer to the motherboard user manual.

    Done says it's a ram problem only theres nothing wrong with my ram
  3. I think 3 beeps is gpu.
  4. What motherboard are you using?
  5. Prescott 800

    This link provides information on the error code you mentioned. It seems as though you do, in fact, have a bad RAM module. If you want to test this, then take out your RAM and test the sticks one-by-one until you get the same error. That will be your offending RAM stick and it will have to be replaced.

    If all of your RAM sticks work then you may want to test each RAM slot one-by-one. It's possible that you have a failing slot. Unfortunately the only fix for this is to replace your motherboard.
  7. Try using diffent slots.
  8. The best i think your motherboard's Bios chip have some error.I suggest you to replace it.
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