Sabertooth 990fx 8150

i'm planning on building a new PC. this is what i had in mind:

Asus Sabertooth 990FX
AMD FX-8150 (water cooled edition)
16GB 1600mhz
2x120 GB ag3 OCZ ssd (RAID 0)
1x1000GB 7200rpm
1050W XFX black edition power supply
Zalman z11 plus case
2x XFX 7970 HD Black/dual fan - crossfire (perhaps 3-way cross when i get the money)

Will this work? and can someone explain how i can overclock my prossecor best. Also how to configure RAID0 on that mobo, and will the mobo support 3-way 7970 HD, and will it be cool enough with all on stock xfx dual fan cooler.
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    yes that setup will work. Overclocking BD

    The Asus manual will cover setting up raid.
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  3. dont buy the cpu wter cooling edition thats a waste of money build your own will be better and shipper believe me and you can get a 1250psu OCZ shipper than the xfx at and is better thats the one i have and run my pc super good check what i have

    crossfire xfx 7970 BE
    16GB 1866MHZ
    asus 990fx sabertooth
    HDD velociraptor 10000rpm 6GB sata
    Thermaltake GT level 10
    PSU 1250w OCZ
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