Is my RAM damaged after a drop?

I have 8 GB of Crucial Ballistix sport DDR3 (2x4) GB memory. The memory recently got pushed off a shelf 2.5 feet above the ground. The sticks landed on the corners of the silicon, and the memory slot contacts were untouched. No superficial damage occured except for the corner of 1 stick being very slightly chipped, and it did not chip any of the circuits/buses off. What are the chances of it being damaged, or not working?
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  1. Try putting them into your motherboard and see if the system will start. If it does try running Memtest for a few hours.

    I think the bios will give you beep messages if they are not working
  2. ^^^^ I agree. They probably aren't damaged, but you need to test them to make sure.
  3. I don't have the rest of the system, so I can't test the sticks.
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