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I just reformatted my laptop and found out my driver cd was missing so I went and dloaded all drivers. I was able to run all drivers except for my grapgics card (nVidia GeForce 310M) I even went to nvidia's but they cant detect any components in my system. there wasnt any graphics-related issue before reformatting, though.
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  1. When you say Nvidia can't detect your components, do you mean you tried using their scanner tool to find your video card and it failed? Or do you mean you downloaded the 310M driver specifically and the installer won't recognize your card?
  2. Used the on-site scanner tool.

    And most of the Asus programs don't detect my laptop as an Asus laptop. They're always giving the "xxx can only be run on Asus notebook"
  3. Rather than using the scanner tool, select your card specifically and download the installer package that way.
  4. Tried that too. I even tried the drivers from the Asus website
  5. What model is your computer?
  6. Asus K42Jc-VX031 laptop
  7. Does the Device Manager show that you have a driver installed at all, or is it missing completely? Also, which version of windows is this?
  8. Only the built-in driver is showing up, win7-32bit
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    Ok. I think I figured this out for you. That model has 2 video cards in it. First is the on board intel card that you currently are seeing and have installed. Of course, the second is the Nvidia 310M.

    You have a notebook that is capable of switching back and forth depending on if you want performance or greater battery life. I'm sure you know all of this already.

    To solve your problem, you need to go into your BIOS which I believe is F2 for that. There should be a section for VGA or Video. This should have two options: Reserved and Win7. Make sure to select Win7. This should turn your Nvidia card on and allow you to install the driver.

    I would recommend using the Asus driver in this case since it should be customized to your system to allow the graphics switching.

    This is actually a fairly common problem with a lot of laptops that had the 310M card from Asus. Essentially, your card isn't even turned on, so the computer doesn't recognize it and won't allow you to install the card.

    Try this out and let me know how it works out. If there are still problems, we'll see where we can go from there.

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  11. Worked like a charm. Now all that remains is that pesky bit of Asus programs not recognizing the laptop
  12. Glad I could help.
  13. Thanks Caruda! I'll try to look for the source of the Asus related stuff in a few
  14. Caruda said:
    Glad I could help.

    i have simular prblem like this bro just i have lenovo b560 so whta i need to do tnx
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