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Hello again :)
at the moment I have an Asrock n68-s, which's actually an mATX board (24.4 cm x 20.8 cm)
but (in case of a general PC-upgrade) I'm about to buy the Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3, which is ATX - so, a few cm's bigger ( 30.5cm x 24.4cm).
I have a "noname"-case and I don't know it's form-factor, or rather compatibilty to Motherboard-form-factors.

As mentioned above I currently use the mATX size - and the next step would be ATX, right ?
My PC-Case fits the mATX and seems to have room for a bigger motherboard (around my current MoBo are also holes for screws, which could be ATX)

Now- my question is: are the MoBo-Form-Factors normed ?
(-> currently mATX, room for a bigger one = ATX ?)

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. thank you MauveCloud

    I read this before (I did a research myself ;) )
    but I think that it doesn't cover, or answer my question:
    My question was, if they are normed - asrock atx same as asus atx, gigabyte atx etc. and, could be that I just don't get it, but is my suggestion right (mATX fits, room for bigger MoBo ATX) ?
  2. Yes, the form factors are standardized. I think there are some that allow room for variations, but they'll still have the mounting holes in the same places. Your description suggests that you'd probably have room for an atx mobo, but if it doesn't have a model name you can provide or a manual to check, safer to measure the case's motherboard area first.
  3. If you're seeing additional screw holes in your case, then most likely it fits the larger board, which, as MauveCloud points out, are standard. If those holes are not in raised bumps, you will need to buy some brass standoffs to screw into the ones (and ONLY those) which correspond to mounting holes on the larger board.
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