I7 2600k motherboard

Hello everyone, i'm looking for a motherboard for the i7 2600k socket 1155!
I will be using a Gigabyte GTX 670 Windforce 3x OC edition, and 16GB of ram.
I can get a 2600k very cheap so please don't give me any suggestions, because it is $90 with warranty :)
Now i don't want to overclock it, maybe later.
It mostly will be used for photoshopping, video editing and gaming.
It will be my first build, and I want a pc cos im writing this from my macbook air 11' (lol), and xbox plays in 720p..

Thanks everybody!

ps. Sorry for my bad English, im Dutch.
pps. i like seals :P
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  1. MSI z77 mpower,Asus P8Z77 V Pro,Asrock z77 extreme6,MSI Z77 GD65.
    These are some of the options.
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