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Hey there. I just joined to ask something about my old motherboard in another section of this forum. Got my answer very quickly, Seems like a nice forum so i thought id make another thread about upgrading my old pc.
Not 100% Sure where to post this but here goes:

I have an old PC with Gigabyte EP35-ds3 motherboard socket 775 with an overclocked Intel core 2 duo E6550.
The cpu is running very stable & cool. & My power supply is a good 450w one.

My question is if you think it would be worth buying a new graphics card+ram? (1gb gddr5 + 4-8 gb Ram) Since it feels like Ram+my shitty graphics cards are the things holding me back when i'm gaming. Problem is That motherboard only supports DDR2, and is just overall rly old. So if im going to buy ddr2 rams which im guessing is not compatible with newer motherboards, id like to know if it's a good idea.

I will eventually upgrade the whole shizzle, but seeing as my CPU is working just fine etc i thought id upgrade these 2 things to begin with.

Thanks in advance & Sorry for any spelling errors etc, English is not my first language :)
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  1. unless you can find some used ram dirt cheap, i would not spend money on it.

    maybe get a more powerful power supply and a new graphics card? you can reuse them on your new build.
  2. If it is very old, I wouldn't bother upgrading and just get a new computer altogether.
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