Ga-z68 +i5 2500k = No Post beeps & endless powercycle


Trying on a new build -- parts all bought over the last 2 weeks --

Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-Z68AP-D3 up to 4 4gb sticks
CPU INTEL i5-2500k
video cards options RADEON4870 and RADEON5670
memory: g.skill ripjaws 9-9-9-24 1.5 DDR3-1333
PSU: Corsair cx600
CPU cooler options: stock and CM 212+
HDD: seagate barracuda 7200.1.1 1tb sata; WD caviar GP 750Gb sata
OS : I wish i got to that >.>
dvd drive: lg dvdrw -- sata -- didn't get to it either.
CASE antec p180
sound card e-mu 1212m pci

keyboard old style ibm keyboard mechanical PS2, mouse is usb mouse

What happened: press power, lights that came on power LED, Harddrive , keyboard flashed, the radeon 4870 4 little red led flashed, all fans (1 heatsink, 3 case fans, and power supply fans ) came on spinning. No video, 15-30 seconds later on power goes off, seconds later on power comes up (timing as a reboot) and cycles like that forever. CPU would eventually get warm. NO POST BEEPS.

What we tried: Initially had all of the above with the 4870 card, and the cm212 cpu cooler.
Removed hard drives -- no change
changed video card to 5670 one-- no change
changed video cards to the 4X PCI-e slot (tried each one spearately)-- no change
removed memory -- stuck each one of the sticks in the furthest from cpu slot alone (4 tests total) -- no change
thought maybe i am wrong and tried the slot closes to the cpu and of course did not work either
removed all video cards, left 1 stick ram -- no change
changed heat sink to stock -- tried with each of the video cards and no video card -- no change
reseated cpu -- did the tests with memory and video card variation -- no change

cleared cmos with screwdriver touching both jumper pins-- no change
removed cmos battery for a minute -- no change

pulled out old mobo (MSI k9vgm-v, amd athlon x2 5600+, stock fan) -- connected power switch, the 4 pins 12v and the 24pin ATX connectors with either of the video cards -- no problems to get to bios (so power supply is ok??)

replaced cmos battery from the old board to new since they are the same -- no change

returned cleared cmos battery back to the new board -- hoped for magic but alas -- no post, no video, endless cycling

removed all memory -- loooked for long beeps post but no luck

Did everything per with motherboard outside of the case so that none of the connectors are possibly shorting anything (not that they were). Checked for thermal grease overflow -- but we didn't put too much.

HEEEEELP. the No post makes me think that it is the motherboard (I mean is it possible that we need to buy a speaker for it -- first time i'd have heard of a mobo needing external speaker for post but been a long time since i have dealt with PCs at this level). Could we have gotten a bad batch of 4 sticks? They were technically 2 seperate orders of 2 so i have to get uber unlucky but stranger things have happened. Could it be the cpu? Could i be missing something obvious?

Thank you for your time and thoughts

p.s. the monitor has only dvi and vga outputs, so dvi was the only one we could test to work with the videocardsl , and when we didn't use the video cards, we could only test the power cycling/lack of post.

P.P.S. intended usage if it matters-- primarily matlab style scientific calculations which run for seconds to minutes but are heavy memory greedy; playing starcraft; regular watching netflix and the like.
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    You've done a lot of trouble-shooting, and your results indicate a bad motherboard. I suggest you return it for replacement.
  2. Just switch dram sticks to the other sockets, I had the same problem with mine and that corrected it.

    populate the outer banks if using 2 sticks , like as in photo above
  3. I have populated 2 banks, 1 banks (outer and inner) as well as all 4 so uhm the ram ain;t it.

    RMA'd the mobo -- will update when we get new one.
  4. got new mobo.. everything works great.
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  6. Great!
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