System does not turn off after pressing the power button

Hi all,

When I press the power button to turn off my newly built machine, the display blanks but the machine remains on, as far as I can tell. The case fans, CPU fans, and GPU fans are still spinning. The machine gets "stuck" in this mode and in order to turn it off, I need to physically disconnect power from the machine, either by flipping the power supply's switch or by turning off the power strip. Sometimes, after reconnecting the power and pressing the power button, the machine will still apparently still be in this "stuck" mode where nothing will display, forcing me to disconnect and reconnect the power again until the machine can finally power on normally. As far as I can tell, when the machine DOES power on successfully, the computer successfully performs a POST. I'm able to enter the BIOS and adjust the settings. I've tried changing the power settings from "instant off" to "4 second delay", but the problem still remains, only now it takes 4 seconds to trigger. I have yet to install an operating system on my hard drives.

I'm using a Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3 LGA 1155 Intel ATX Motherboard in an Antec 300 Illusion case. My power supply is a Corsair Enthusiast Series TX750M v2.31 750W Modular Power Supply. I can provide more details if need. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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    Using you motherboard manual, confirm you have properly connected the Front Panel wires (on/off and reset) to the correct pins.
  2. It's not generally recommended to turn off ya machine via power button......tho when ya gotta do it due to system freeze, it usually must be held for about 8 seconds
  3. Thanks for replies! I simply removed and reconnected all the wires and my machine started to turn off properly after pressing the power button (I have no OS installed as of yet).
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