Will an nvidia geforce gtx 560 ti fit in an hp pavilion p7-1054

Hello all. I have a very straightforward question that apparently nobody has an answer for. I am looking to buy an Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti graphics card and I'm wondering if it will fit in the case of the HP Pavilion p7-1054. Please help me out! Thanks :)
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  1. It will fit, yes. But if you have the stock 250W power supply, there's not enough power there to drive it under load. Heavy use like Gaming will likely cause your system to shut down. Use this PSU calc to estimate the size PSU you need.

    One other thing. The GTX 560Ti cards come in various lengths. Most are about 9 1/2", but some are longer. You may want to find the length of the card you are interested in and measure inside your case to be sure there are no unforseen obstructions. A HDD cage may sit to close to the back of the card. Or some other obstruction.
  2. *Moderator remove comment please, thought this was a simmiliar thread i made, Blah.*
  3. Waffleking said:
    There are no obstructions that would block it's length... So the only issue it could really have is being a little too long.

    ? I'm afraid I don't follow. You say No obstructions to block its length, but then you wonder if it's too long.
  4. Right, I was kinda dazed because of a headache, i recently made a thread with a simmiliar question related to this, except it was the twin frozr ii 2gb version, and i SERIOUSLY thought this was the thread i made just now.

    Also, when i wrote the question, i thought the card was to be plugged in facing up, like a tower instead of on it's side. So excuse me for being an idiot.
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