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Okay so we all probably read the news with intel ready to discontinue their motherboards with plans to sell MBs with the CPUs soldered on somewhere in 2015. Does this mean that we wont be able to buy say an MSI board and an intel CPU to plop into the socket anymore? I only built a handful of rigs in my 19 years of life but my choice was always intel because i liked that clock for clock it was a faster processor when comparing to AMD.

However, now if Intel stops selling CPUs separately for us people that like to build PCs I'm going to have to go jump to the red team which i don't have a problem with. I'm not a fanboy, maybe just a little :sol: but it will be the only way for me to have the freedom of mixing and matching MBs and CPUs.

Anyone able to clarify on this?
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  1. Msi is not intel, msi will continue to make mobos. Intel is not going to make mobos and has nothing to do with embedded cpus. Although before this announcement there was a rumor about haswell being only embedded back in november. But intel released a statement for that.,19594.html
  2. I know MSI is not intel but it sounds like what they're saying is Intel will release their CPUs already embedded into MBs so you will have to buy them together like that for wahtever price it may be so you cant change out the CPU later
  3. I think you misread the article. Intel makes mobos like this. Now they are going to stop. Letting companies like msi, asus, gigabyte, etc, to do it.

    Intel also already sell cpus soldered on mobos and has been doing so for a long time so I don't know where the 2015 thing comes from.
  4. Hmm ok thats good then, I go with MSI Mobos and GPUs so i guess im safe :)
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