Best perfomer among following, for next 3 yrs?

hello hi,

recently i raised an issue in forum, regarding my processor & thought of upgradin my noisy Pentium D 820.

i was suggested Pentium duo E6600.

I want to use it as HTPC, with mild to moderate gaming.
i have no issue buying motherboard, for AMD, if E6600 is noisy.

i care most for, quit processor.

so no more noise,
guys which one is best among

1.AMD 2.1 GHz FM1 uPGA A6 3500
2.Intel 3.06 GHz LGA 775 Dual Core E6600 (it will save my few bugs on mobo i have recently purchased MSI G41M-P26)
3.AMD 2.7 GHz FM1 uPGA A4 3400
4. AMD 3.2 GHz AM3 Athlon II 260

i wouldn't mind buying a costly FM1 mobo, cause in future i can upgrade my cpu, so that's y m not goin for costly cpu, this one proposed only for next three yrs, but i can spent upto $100 on cpu, provided i don't regret it that oops i should have waited

my present HTPC specs
1. pentium d 820
2. msi G41M-P26
3.4GB DDR3 1333MHz Strontium (EVM) RAM
4.HDD (160GB, 1TB Seagate 7200rpm)
5.SSD Kingston SSDNow V100 64 GB SSD
6.Asus HD EAH5450
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  1. Socket FM1 is already dead. The Llano successor will be Trinity and that will use Socket FM2.

    CPUs are not noisy, it's the fan on the CPU heatsink that is noisy.

    If you are not going to be playing games or encoding video, then any of the CPUs will be fine. The Llano A4/A6 APU have integrated graphics so you will not have to spend money on a video card.

    The E6600 is the most powerful CPU, the Llano A4/A6 basically have the weakest CPU core.
  2. I would probably go with a Pentium 860 socket 1155 CPU instead for $100.

    Socket 1155 CPU will continue to be produced into around mid-2013, when Intel releases the socket 1150 Haswell CPUs; the successor to the current Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs. Buy a socket 1155 CPU in 2014 should be possible, if you want to wait that long to upgrade. Perhaps there may still be some Sandy Bridge i5-2500k or Ivy Bridge i5-3570k at that point in time. Ivy Bridge CPUs will be release on April 29th.
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