Vaio FE-21M Memory Upgrade Feedback

Hello i am going do do some upgrades on my old Vaio FE-21M and i have some questions regarding the RAM upgrade.

First things first. My device has 2x512MB DDR-2 533MHz modules. In the online specifications it says that it supports up to 2gb total memory.

I was wondering if I could upgrade to 2x2gb modules, that would make it 4GB in total.

The laptop has an Intel 945PM chipset which should be able to support 4GB, despite of what the sony specs say.

It also has a 128MB graphics card so I expect it to be deducted from the total usable memory making it 3968MB.

Also I am probably going to get 667MHz modules since 533MHz seem to be harder to find at 2GB. Supposedly this should be fine, as they will just run at a slower rate on the laptop.

I am also going to upgrade the BIOS to the latest version, and use 64-bit Windows 7.

So to sum up my questions are:

Even though the specs say it supports up to 2GB is it safe to assume that it can "see" more based on the chipset specs? Should I be expecting 3968MB of usable memory or is there soemthing I have missed?

Is using 667MHz modules going to be ok, despite the fact that it supports up to 533Mhz? I am expecting it to just run at 533MHZ.

Thank you all in advance!
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  1. If it states 2GB total, then max installable memory is 2x1GB RAM sticks. faster ram will slow down no problem.
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