starcraft is the goat

starcraft is the goat
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  1. starcraft is the goat
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  2. Why would you buy something then come here and wonder what to do with it?

    Basically it's a rip off.
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  3. starcraft is the goat
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  4. Do you already have it? Or did you just buy it?

    If you already have might be able to return it, however you might have to pay the shipping fee, maybe even a re-stocking fee. I can see that costing around 50-100$.

    If you sold it...well you might be able to get 200- maybe 300$ for it. The only thing worthwhile in that machine is the 2TB HDD - everything else is junk.
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  5. You will need to pay return shipping + possible restocking fee of 10% - 15% of the PC's selling price.
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  6. Looking at the eBay page, it would seem that you have a 30 day cash back policy so that’s good news and as for the shipping from comparing prices it looks like it will be about $45-$55. Get your money back and build your own pc cheaper and you get to build it around you.
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  7. Return it and buy this for near the same price. Much better pc. Much better value.

    Better hurry cause auction is ending. He may not keep the same 50% off if he relists the item.
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  8. Every system purchased from us includes a 30-day money back guarantee. All returns are subject to an industry standard 20% restocking fee.

    With shipping I suspect it will cost you $160+ -- not really worth it.
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  9. buyers remorse
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  10. The return policy on that computer is full refund as long as you pay for shipping. If you state your budget im sure people here can build you a way better computer.
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  11. Yeah just message the seller and tell him of your intention to return the item and if he gives you any guff, call ebay and paypal and open a case and follow their return instructions. You have seven days from the day you recieved the item to return it and no matter what the seller says, you are protected. You will get everything back except your shipping. That 7 days is extended in your case according to the sellers return policy which ebay requires them to honor!

    The seller I linked above even refunds your shipping for upgrading the gpu and I have also known him to refund shipping when Item returned.
    He's just a nice guy like that!!! :whistle:
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