Cheap for good gaming PSU!

Simply need to know. Any ideas into a good,solid but also cheap PSU? Preferably over 500w? I don't really want to spend more than £50 however, if need be, I'll go as high as £60. I play games like FSX and Arma 2, and is needed to power a mid range Nvidia card and an I7 CPU. cheers.

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  1. This is what I got for £58 600w and modular cabling

    With £4 P&P it’s a little over you max budget but it’s a good psu also if it is to much they do a 500w version that cost less.
  2. XFX Pro 550W Core Edition £50
    Actually more powerful than the OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W due to having 528W on it's 12V rail versus 502W.
  3. The Cooler Master GX series (ones built by Seventeam with model numbers such as: RS*50-ACAAE3) are not worth getting.
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