Laptop Vaio won't power on, no lights, no dispplay, no sound

Hey guys,

My sony vaio laptop won't power on.

I was on it 30 mins ago, than closed the lid (puts computer to sleep). I haven't been able to turn it back on since.

I have a battery and AC power supply. Tried using battery alone (has a decent charge left), AC power supply alone, and both together, no luck.

AC power has a blue light on it, so I am sure that AC adapter works, worked 30 mins ago. But nothing on my laptop turns on or lights on. Even if the computer is off and the AC adapter is plugged in, an orange light on my computer will turn on (battery is charging) or green light (battery is fully charged), but none of these light on.

Any idea?
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  1. The most common failure with laptops/notebooks/etc. is overheating. This is widely due the design. Try using the flowchart on this site:
  2. which flow chart? i dont think it's over heated, was looking at a word document, not playing a video with 8 other windows opened...
  3. Look at the flowchart for power failure, as you are concerned with your Vaio not powering up, yes?
  4. Ok so yesterday at noon: doesn't turn on, no lights or anything. I tried some power trick, like unplugging battery and AC adapter and holding power for 30 seconds, than using AC adapter alone... didn't power on.

    Last night: some how it turned on all of a sudden. backed-up my info. 20 mins after.... doesn't power on, no lights, etc. pretty much like "yesterday at noon" above.

    This morning: doesn't power on but when I plug in my charger a orange light on keyboard shows up (says battery isn't fully charged but it's charging), which is normal, except it doesn't power on.

    Any ideas?
  5. bumpp
  6. Sounds like there is a problem with the AC adapter and/or the motherboard.
  7. I'm sorry for asking too late but my good sir, did you fix your problem and how did you do it? I encountered exactly what you described and it seemed like only we had this
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