If HD vid streams max out at 3.8Mbps, wouldn't a relatively cheap router work?

Hi, I'm a little confused about advertised router speeds and what I actually need to serve my ethernet needs. I will only have 1 computer (Windows2k os & 100Mbps Ethernet card) and 1 Blue-Ray Player (for streaming Netflix) attached to my router. If 3.8 Mbps is the max requirement for Netflix streaming, then why would I need anything above a 100Mbps router? Both of my devices are within close proximity so they would likely be wired, not wireless. I have cable isp that typically delivers 5.69Mbps downstream btw. I just can't reconcile why I need a $135+ tricked-out router to stream vids when they don't seam to require an excessive amount of bandwidth. Thanks for any help :)
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  1. most routers are expensive because of brand name, for home networks you can really use any generic router especially for HD streaming so long as the device your using to watch movies is hardwired in
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