Single USB connector for Four USB 3 headers


Does anyone know if I could have a USB 3 internal connector split to take two USB 3 wires. I have an Asus Formula V and it has 1 onboard front USB 3 connector, but I have recently installed a USB 3 front panel which comes with 4 USB 3 ports. The front panel has two USB 3 wires to connect to the motherboard but my board only has one connection.

So I need a USB 3 internal male on one end with is splitting up to have two USB 3 female connectors.
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  1. Hi, Either a PCI USB 3.0 card or extension USb cables for connecting to the back USB 3.0 ports.
  2. Thanks for the info

    I have been reading around since my post and found there is no such thing. I'm no fan of using wires from back, back in to the case so I think a PCI card is the only option. For now I am going to leave it. Maybe something I can do in the future if ever needed.

    Thanks again for your reply.
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