New PC flipped out after receiving static shock, help?

So I finally put my new build together tonight and everything is working great. I just had a pretty terrifying moment though. I reached towards the top of my case to see how warm the air being vented was and happened to touch the metal grate on top. When I did I got a small static shock and I immediately lost my video signal. My monitor started flashing it's input number like it was repeatedly receiving a video signal and then losing it. Restarting the monitor yielded no results. I reset the PC and everything booted just fine. There doesn't appear to be any damage done. Certainly scared the piss out of me though.

I'm curious what could have caused this and if it could damage any of my components if it happens again. The case has plastic feet and it's sitting on a cardboard box, the mobo is properly installed and grounded, and the PSU is plugged into a properly grounded wall outlet. The case is a Cooler Master CM690 II Advanced and my PSU is an Antec Eco 620W if that's useful information.
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  1. the shock should have traveled along the case to the power supply then out the ground built into it. with out effecting your system.
    if your power lines are not grounded that could cause this problem.
    if there is another path of less resistance for the shock to go it will take it but a ground is pretty tempting for stray electrons.
    now if your case has thick paint on it and so does your power supply it might have trouble traveling that path. could scrape some of the paint away and use some metal to conduct it ( like stick a penny in there and glue it so it doesnt fall into your components.) there are less ghetto ways but pennies are made of copper. great conductor.
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