[Help me] Gaming Computer Build 800-900$

Approximate Purchase Date:Anytime

Budget Range:800-900 (After Rebates Or Before)

System Usage from Most to Least Important:Gaming

Parts Not Required:Keyboard,Mouse,Monitor,Speakers.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:Newegg


Parts Preferences:Doesn't matter.
Overclocking:Maybe (If you can provide a link on how to do so)

SLI or Crossfire:I have no idea what this is.

Monitor Resolution:1440x900

Additional Comments:Simple case I don't care for pretty lights.
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  1. MiniNinja said:

    Can you help me pick out all the parts for a gaming computer?

    I do not need a Keyboard,Mouse,or a Monitor.

    fill up this form:
  2. Sorry for double post.
  3. i5 2500K + HD 6870 = best bang for your buck
  4. Check out my build guide here for $550 or $850, at your resolution you really don't need that great of a build but either will work.
    Just remember to get this HDD instead since HDD prices are so high now.
    OS here for cheaper:
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