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When i turn on all my graphics settings of my ATI Radeon 5770 the game looks better but lower my fps and looks slower... i got a AMD athlon II 4x 3.0 and 4gigs ddr3 with win7.. is that because of memory ram or what is happening?
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  1. The 5770 is generally a slower card compared to a higher end card, but you need more vram (ram in your gpu) to play at higher resolutions such as 1080p.
  2. it's all dependent to the games you play. the framerate well be lower for any card when you increase the detail level, but a amuffin said 5770 isn't the fatest card around so it would have lower framerates then lets say a 6950 or 580.
  3. yeah... what game is it and how much AA / AF / MSAA are you trying to apply? for each i would stick at none or 2x maybe 4x if you see it needed :)
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