Fan on my graphics card?

Hey quick question.

Im using the GTX 560 TI and i have "ASUS Smart doctor" opened up for it.

Even though it says "your card is ok", the temperature is getting to red, and i fear it might overheat? Its reaching 175 f or something.

Theres an option to increase the fan settings, should i do this? to keep it cooler?
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  1. 175 F is right around 80 C which is pretty hot, but it is within the limits for your card. If you want to keep it cooler you can increase the fan.

    The only real reason to not increase the fan would be because of noise, but if you aren't worried about noise, I would increase the fan
  2. Ok there are many options... but the manual option has the fan set to 60% power.

    Should i increase it to 100%?

    Doesnt this use more power? just want to make sure i have enough.
    I have a 650w PSU
  3. And should i enable "overheat protection"?
  4. Is the cards fan set to Auto?
    Have look and see if you can get better airflow for the case and look at some cooling options, I feel your card is running hot.
    Your PSU can handle the fan speed , but you won't tolerate the noise from the fan being set to 100%
    Setting overheat protection is a good idea to protect the card if it overheats.
  5. Yes its set to auto.
    Theres 3 options, manual, which i could set the power %

    Smart cooling, which has lots of different %

    And auto.

    And if this card overheats with this protection on what will happen? will it shut down? meaning if im in a game it will close out?
  6. Fans use very little power. Next to nothing compared to the power your actual GPU uses.

    Any specific reason you use ASUS smart doctor? MSI Afterburner allows you to set your own custom fan profile. i.e. you can choose your fan percentage based on the temp of the GPU
  7. I have an asus computer and the asus nvidia GPU came with the smart doctor...i dont overclock or anything. So im just trying to get this GPU cooler than what it is now.

    So should i go manual and set it to 80% then? i really rather noise > overheating.
  8. Afterburner isn't just for MSI cards. It is just sponsored by MSI. I only recommended it because it lets you set your fan profile so it will automatically select the fan speed you want based on the temp of your GPU.

    If you don't want to install Afterburner, and you are ok with the noise level of 80% all the time, that would be a fine option as well.
  9. MSI Afterburner really is a great tool for all graphics cards , you should check it out and see if it works for you like Blade061188 said.
  10. Correct me if im wrong, but i believe thats what smart cooling does with this smart doctor.
    I can set "temperature boundaries"
    So for instance, Fastest is set to 60C right now, Fast is 55C, and so on.
    This what your talking about?
    If not give me a link if you can sending me to this MSI Afterburner.
  11. I have never heard of smart doctor before, it is possible that it can do the same thing, but I couldn't tell you for sure because I haven't used it
  12. thanks for the help guys
  13. Sure. Do you have any more questions?

    If you are done, mark a best answer so the thread can close.

  14. Smart Doctor is Asus's version of Afterburner. It will control fan speeds. You can read about it here:

    SmartCooling is an ASUSexclusive technology that effectively reduces the fan noise under normal use, and dissipates the heat when the GPU loading is high. SmartCooling only works on specially designed ASUS graphics cards with monitor chip that can detect and adjust the board temperature and fan speed.

    When activated, SmartCooling allows you to set five(5) GPU temperature thresholds and the fan speed dynamically changes according to this temperature threshold. When the the GPU temperature is below the lowest threshold, SmartCooling automatically reduces the fan speed to the lowest fan speed level to reduce noise and save energy. Moreover, when the GPU temperature passes over the threshold, SmartCooling automatically increases the fan speed for better heat dissipation.
  15. Ok i need help. My card is overheating. It just reached 105 C. The fan is set to 100% after it hits 70C, so even at 100% it overheated and smart doctor told me in red, that it was too hot.

    How do i help this? Im running everything besides the fan at default. Im not overclocking or anything.
  16. What does the inside of your case look like? Do you have adequate air intake and output from your case?

    Also, how long have you had the GPU you are using?
  17. I have the extra PSU wires that im not using tied down and tucked away...all fans are going (PSU, CPU, and the 2 GPU ones)
    still feels really hot
  18. If you are getting adequate airflow into and out of your case it sounds like a problem with the GPU. What tasks are you doing when you get up to 105C?
  19. just playing my game, game minimized and smartdoctor said in red it reached 105C.

    Theres not many holes in this case, not sure if it was meant to get the extra airflow needed to run this GPU. maybe thats it?

    I dont think its the GPU itself, brand new and all correct drivers installed.
  20. Try running the computer with the side of the case off and see how your temps look.
  21. Im going to just make holes in the case itself, allowing more air flow. One side of the case has no holes what so ever, and thats the side the 2 fans are on the GPU.

    The other side as u can see in the picture has some holes but not many. If this doesnt work ill try what u said
  22. I would just take the side of the case off first. If the temps don't drop, you know it's a problem with the card.

    If the temps do drop, the airflow is the problem and then you can make holes in your case. I just figure it is a quick way to check if airflow is actually the problem or if it is a problem with the GPU
  23. Blade is right on... simple test is to open the case up to see if the problem is with the video card or air flow to your video card... I had a ZOTAC GTX460 that had improper heat sink mounting on it that was running hot... simple philips screw driver removal and cleaning with new thermal paste... fixed that problem... But... the Cards fan / air cooling design did not directly exhaust the hot air out my case... raising the temps to all my PC components... During the summer I could start to smell and hear my PC... while gaming, even tho my GPU was only maxed at 70C...
    But the main problem that happens in these Cards, GTX 460/560, is that the card fan designs just re-cycle the hot air inside your case... and dont rear exhaust it... If you run a small case like I do, you need a rear exhaust fan design on your video card... a card of this style is typically called the NVidia reference design... Sucks in the air from your case and shoots it over your GPU's heatsink, and directly out your case... a single, far rear mounted fan on the card, is typical to identify a rear exhausting fan/cooling design...
    I have since bought a rear exhausting GTX460 for my small case... and am so much happier... and my CASE/motherboard/CPU/components are running so much cooler... Fan speeds stays in the 40% while gaming...
    You might want to exchange your New Card for a "Rear Exhaust" model... if you can.
  24. Drilling the wholes on both sides have worked for the time being, but i see your idea Iron.
    I may have the same problem u do, the two fans of the GPU basicly is pointed downwards, hitting the bottom of my case. I put more holes on the lower side of the case and now i can feel the heat coming through them. The card is staying around 70C right now. If this doesnt keep working ill look into your idea thanks.
  25. Glad you got your temps down. 70C is perfectly normal.

    If you are done mark a best answer so the thread can close.

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