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I'm building a system using the i7-2700K on the Asus P8Z68-V/Gen3 motherboard with onboard video, 4 sticks DDR3/1333 RAM, 1 Intel Cherryville SSD, 1 1TB internal SATA HD, 1 Blu-Ray/DVD/CD-RW SATA drive, a few USB devices connected.

Some power supply calculator says I need less than 400W but that can't be right? Any suggestions?
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  1. No graphics cards? That is correct, as it will only draw roughly 200w without a gpu.
  2. Yup, that'll be bang on. My full fat 130W i7-920 with GTX580 tops out at 370W at the socket. The i7-2600K is a measly 95W processor. You'll be doing well to break 150W total system power.
  3. Thanks guys!
    Everywhere you look, people are using 700, 800, even 1000W power supplies but I guess that's for serious extreme gaming stuff with i7 extreme CPU's and video cards.
  4. So you aren't using video cards? In that case a corsair cx430v2 is perfectly fine.
  5. The board has onboard video with HDMI/VGA/DVI ports available and I'm not doing anything very demanding so no need for a video card.
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