Upgrading my video card and PSU...


I'm looking to upgrade them so that I can run diablo 3 on the recommended settings. My current pc specs are (prebuilt pc):

Packard Bell ixtreme M5722
Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q8300 @ 2.50 GHz 2.50 GHz
6.00 GB of RAM
nvidia gt 220
win 7 64 bit operating system
PSU is a delta electronics 250w

The video card that i'm looking at is a nvidia geforce 440 but I'm open to other suggestions. I would prefer nvidia.
I really have no clue about power supplies but people say with the 440 that it ran fine on a 350w stock power supply. I would rather have a 400 - 500w incase I ever upgraded again.

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  1. what is your budget?
  2. around £100 preferably but I don't mind going over that by a bit it depends.
  3. Hi :)

    Diablo3 will play on LOW at best (if it plays at all) on a £45 card (440)....

    All the best Brett :)
  4. Brett928S2 said:
    Hi :)

    Diablo3 will play on LOW at best (if it plays at all) on a £45 card (440)....

    All the best Brett :)

    System requirements lab says that I currently have all the requirements for low and everything but the video card for recommended. The recommended is NVIDIA GeForce 260 or ATI Radeon HD 4870 or better
  5. I'd suggest upgrading the PSU now and saving up some more money for a GPU. A really nice PSU in the range you're looking at: http://www.scan.co.uk/products/450w-psu-xfx-pro-core-edition-p1-450s-u2b9-85-eff-80-plus-bronze-sli-crossfire-eps-12v-fan-atx-v231
    I think that GPU prices are going to start falling some as the new nvidia cards hit the street; the GTX680 just tool over the #1 spot for single-card solutions and the rest of the product line will likely spark a price war as AMD/nVidia jockey for position in certain price ranges.

    Edit: This PSU only has (1) PCIe power connector and this will limit you to something below an HD6850/GTX560 (these cards and anything higher requires two PCIe connectors). If you want to look at consider a card that requires (2) PCIe connectors, then I would recommend another PSU that has the connectors without having to use an adapter.
  6. Would have PSU fit in my case?

    The OP has the exact same computer as me:

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