Rosewill Capstone vs. Kingwin Lazer PSUs

I need a PSU, preferably modular, for a computer that is on 24/7, mostly as a file server. Can anyone comment on the 550W models of the Rosewill Capstone and Kingwin Lazer?

The Kingwin is very well reviewed and seems like a great PSU. Other than the price, it's exactly what I'm looking for.

I can't find much on the Rosewill Capstones other than an Anandtech review. They seem like very nice PSUs based on the Super Flower Golden Green design, but they aren't modular and I can't help but feel that the lower price comes at a cost (lower quality internals perhaps?). Doing some quick searches, the Anand review samples seem to be slightly different than what is available at Newegg.

Is the extra cost of the Kingwin Lazer justified, or should I go with the Capstone? Can someone that owns a Capstone comment on the build quality/internals?

Thanks for the input.
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  1. Rosewill Capstone series are excellent quality PSUs, JG Review:
    Newegg has just done a great job offering a great value for the price of the Capstones.
  2. The lower price is probably due to non-modular, and Kingwin is IMO low on the totem pole for PSUs. Rosewill is also not a 'household' name among computer supplies, though they do make some great products, helping to lead to the lower price.
  3. Not to argue, but I believe the Kingwin LZP-550 is based on the Super Flower Golden King, and it has quite a few gushing reviews. I don't think they're well known as a PSU brand, but I think they're trying to change that.

    I was hoping someone might have some direct experience with the Capstone 550, but maybe not. Really, in my opinion, I'm comparing two great PSUs. I've run into problems before with some other brands so I just want to make sure the Capstone is as robust/reliable as it seems to be.
  4. Fair enough, just my opinion, I wouldn't trust a Kingwin. The local mom and pop shop here used to carry them all the time and had horrible return rates so they actually went to Rosewill and cut the return rate down 90%.

    That said, that is second hand info from one tech that works there I know. Another place here carries Kingwin religiously and wouldn't think of carrying what they call 'crap' Antecs and Corsairs, so I don't put a lot of faith in what they recommend. I just go there to look at things hands on then order online (like people should always do).

    Maybe it is how you say that they are trying to get a new name. I think the same of my old Corsair H50 that everyone says is crap but until is seizes up, I'm not trading it for anything air, and nothing short of a H60 or 80 when it does die!! :)
  5. Haha. As I said, not trying to argue, everyone has a different experience. I do appreciate the info/opinion. I must admit, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the great reviews for the Kingwin and Capstone. Two manufacturers that I have never thought to associate with quality PSUs.

    Also, I thought the regular price for the Capstone 550 was $79.99, but it appears that it's actually $99.99 regularly, which is more in line with what gold PSUs cost. I didn't realize Newegg had an instant rebate on the product. It ends up being $63.99 after a coupon code which is a ridiculously good price for a gold rated PSU. Likewise, the Kingwin is on special for $119.99.

    So I guess the question becomes, is the extra $56 for the Kingwin worth modular cabling and the 80 PLUS Platinum rating? I loath organizing/routing cables, but I intend to use at least 6 SATA power cables once HDD prices come back down to earth a little so I'm going to be using most of the cables whether I want to or not. The difference between platinum and gold is so small that I would probably need at least five years to recoup cost from the power savings.

    Anyone else care to chime in?
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    When you deal with Rosewill you are pretty much dealing with newegg, and I think that's a bonus. Kingwin is mostly unknown really. They had some poor and unknown OEM originally, and have now switched over to Superflower.

    So on the support side, I have to go with Rosewill as the Kingwin company is too unknown.

    Now, if I had to have it all I would go with a Seasonic X series... you just missed the X750 on sale for $110.

    X560 is $125
  7. I never thought about dealing with the warranty in those terms, even though I would hopefully never have to. It's a really good point.

    I saw that X750 deal. Great deal, it was just way overkill for what I need. A 550W PSU is even overkill to a certain extent. The X560 is a very nice recommendation. I have a X660 and it's very nice and I love the idea of a fan that only switches on when it's needed but it's just a little bit over what I want to spend. Nothing like trying to find a cheap high efficiency PSU :D .

    Plus, I don't think I can handle the smell of another Seasonic PSU. They literally smell like a toxic chemical plant.

    I still think $64 for the Capstone is a crazy good deal. I'll mull it over for a bit.
  8. scuzzy1 said:

    Plus, I don't think I can handle the smell of another Seasonic PSU. They literally smell like a toxic chemical plant.

    I never had that issue with my X650. At least, that I know of. I've been a bit challenged this last year in the olfactory dept. Comes and goes.

    Another factor to consider is cable replacement. I had to RMA a Corsair 750TX because the 24-pin had simply worn out with too much use. Being a water cooler and doing frequent upgrades that require draining the loop and unplugging the 24-pin caused it to become too loose. It would have been much simpler if I had a fully modular PSU... and that is why I have the Seasonic now.
  9. Anand just did a good review:

    Also I have to chime in and say that Seasonic/Seasonic manufactured models are still the best.
  10. both are great!my buddy runs 7950 CF on a rosewill capstone's a really great unit.johnnyguru recommended too!
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