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G'day folks,
I am building a Core 2 Duo E6600 build. This computer is going to be the workhorse of the home, operating as a file server, game server (at times), and as a raw power machine. I frequently find myself in need of a system that I can leave on at night without overheating, or for doing long CPU intensive tasks. I know the E6600 isn't raw power, but its what I have. In fact, I have been given/collecting all the parts except for the motherboard.

More to the point: I need to find a motherboard for this system, under $50. I found one that's a good ways outta budget, depending on when I buy. It's the Gigabyte Technology GA-EP45-DS3R. I like that it has two PCI slots at x16, at least six SATA ports and six rear USB ports, and two Ethernet ports are all very useful to me. But, it's on the expensive side. I assume Asus and other motherboard manufacture make boards like it, but I can't find them.

Does anyone know of boards similar to this?
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  1. When you look for a motherboard make sure it will fit the case that you have. ATX or BTX case.

    Some of the older Dells are in a BTX case.
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