Ordering gpu today, need help picking 1 of 2 for BF3 and other games

I'm ordering my graphics card today, and can't decide which I should go with...here is my setup real quick

mobo: ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3

cpu: I5 2500k Sandy Bridge

RAM: Corsair Vengeance Low Profile 8GB, 1600mhz ddr3

PSU: Corsair Enthusiast Series, 750-watt 80 plus

I want to be able to run BF3 on ultra smoothly. I also want max settings with games such as City of Heroes and The Old Republic when it comes out. The two I have it narrowed to are




Basically, is the 570 worth the price difference? If it really is, i'm willing to pay the extra 90. If not, then i won't spend it unnecessarily
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  1. I think it is.Although the GTX560ti will run a lot cooler than the GTX570 don't forget that as a single card the GTX570 is a lot stronger.And whenever you decide to SLI you can but just to let you know you won't be able to max out BF3 with just a single GTX570.
  2. Stick with the 560Ti. If you are gaming at 1080p, then you should get 60FPS with high settings.
    The 570 is a for sure that you will get 60 FPS max setting but that is a high price jump.
    If anything, just get EVGA GTX 570 Classified. You will enjoy it way more than both of your option.
  3. The only problem is the 570 classified doesnt seem to be in stock anywhere. Not sure how long it would take to get it...I may just go ahead with the 570 overclocked. I will probably add a 2nd to SLI them in anywhere from 1-3 weeks depending on my next few paychecks
  4. 1-3 weeks is really good.lol I was thinking more like a couple months but more power to you.A GTX570 SLI is a really good combo and that pared with your 2500k and you should be able to max out BF3.
  5. The GTX 570 is approximately 20% faster than the GTX 560 Ti at 1080p on average. That is at reference speeds. The GTX 560 Ti overclocks very well and easily up to the performance level of a reference GTX 570. The GTX 570 can OC as well but not to the same degree and power/heat issues are more of a concern.
  6. You decide:

    Here the Asus 560 card you listed narrowly beats the 570 when both overclocked to the max.


    OK, so maybe that was a bad sample in that test.....but Guru3D shows two of those 560's getting 862 fps whereas the 570's get just 11 fps more at 873. As Jyjjy said, the 570 isn't a very robust OC'er and with the cooler Asus puts on that card, hitting 1000 MHz is a given.
  7. Ok, i may go with the 560 if it overclocks to about the same level without near as much heat. Also, i meant 1-3 months instead of 1-3 weeks for the 570 classified lol
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