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Display port with 6950

Ok so i posted before about having a xfx6950 and i wanted to hook up 3 monitors. 2 DVI and 1 HDMI. Well when i plug them in one of the screens go off. So i bought one of these. thinking it would fix the problem. It didnt though i have the same problem. Did i buy the wrong thing? thanks in advanced
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  1. To do three monitors with one 6950 you have to use either 2DVI and the HDMI or 2 DP and the HDMI. What you have there won't work because you're turning a mini-DP to HDMI. Just run a HDMI from the HDMI port on the card and you'll be fine. You may have to go into Catalyst Control Center and group all the monitors together for them all to work.
  2. Do you have Eyeinfinity installed. As I understand it one of the dispalys has to connected via a displayport connector to support more than two displays. I am not certain if a displayport to DVI connector quailfies.
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    The adapter has to be active display to HDMI(DVI... or whatever) most cost more than $15 (mini DP to DVI) < I would go with this if your hdmi monitor has DVI on it

    BTW to do eyefinity with 3+ monitors, only 2 of the monitors can be non-DP. SO the 3rd and any after have to be
    hooked up to DP.
    The adapter you ordered is a passive, you need a active(which actually converts the signal).
  4. Ive used 2dvi and hdmi it doesnt work and people told me i need a display port adapter and it would work but it still doesnt. I have catalyst control center if thats what you mean by eyeinfinity. I dont even wanna use them as eyeinfinity i just want to extend the display to have 3 different screens.
  5. If your using Eyefinity you cannot use any HDMI ports.Only Display port.

    If your just using 3 monitors or more you can use any combination of ports.
  6. then how do i made it work might now i have 2 dvi and 1 hdmi to mini display
  7. You need to get a active adapte

    The adapter you bought is passive.

    go to my links in my post above
  8. Are you using Eyefinity or using them as seperate monitors?
  9. dontqqnub said:
    You need to get a active adapte

    The adapter you bought is passive.

    go to my links in my post above

    Alright is this the same thing?

    Also im using them as separate monitors
  10. I read the review on that link you posted wildgene789, and it doesn't look to good(only converts audio)...

    I would just get the one from newegg.
  11. Did you try just using the top card for all the connections?
  12. He only has 1 card..
  13. yea i only have one card but yea i guess ill just get new egg on i just saw they had same model number so i thought they were same
  14. Oh i'm sorry.Got lost.
    Am helping a person in anther thread with an eyefinity issue and he's using a 6970 crossfire.

    So just to refresh my memory are you trying to use Eyefnity or us them as seperate montiors?
  15. Im not sure if your going with my link, but if your not for some odd reason(Your HDMI monitor will most likely have DVI port on it).... MAKE SURE the adapter is active!
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