Fixing a bad capacitor on MB

Pobably not the best place to ask this question, but maybe someone can point me to the right place.

I Turned on a computer that had been working. A short "pop", a fairly intense burning odor, and later I found a capacitor (I presume) on the bottom of my computer case:
Here is a pic of the Asus P5-K. The green arrow points to where the capacitor used to sit.
First of all I'd like to know if it is indeed a capacitor and if not, what it is. Whatever it is, can I get another, solder it in and have any hope of fixing this board? I'm really clueless, if you can't tell. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This could be an opportunity for me to learn something. I don't have much to lose here. I wasn't really using the computer much but if it's fixable for very cheap, I'd like to try.
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  1. It is the capacitor and the model should be on the side, you can search the model # online to get one. When you solder it carefully with soldering iron with a fine tip. On YouTube, you will find lots of info about people who hand solder surface mount parts.
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    It is infact a capacitor. You need to figure out the uF rating and voltage rating.

    The replacement part should be identical in package and as close as possible in uF rating.

    Voltage of the new part can be equal or as much as 4 times higher with no issue if it fits.

    The bad news is the failure ~may~ be caused by another component being bad. This means the new cap could possibly pop or otherwise the board not work correctly.
  3. Thanks. The capacitor has what looks like a fancy "F" with a horizontal line on top and below and the #'s 724
    Then 271
    Then 16v
    Does that tell me what I know to get a replacement?
    Thanks again.
  4. I do not quite understand that coding system. I suggest you go over to and register there. They are very likely to know the value and provide information on replacing.
  5. It looks like 271uf, 16V capacitor.
  6. 271uf would be very unusual. maybe 27 * 1 uf? Maybe 27 + 1 zero (270uf)?
  7. I don't know where was it made? In USA it will be 270uf, because F=271uf +/-1.
  8. I only can find the 271uf 16V one, because the F means +/- 1%, and they have the color code too.
    Take this from HK:
  9. That link is it exactly except for the first #. Mine is 724 to the right of the the "F" character.And there is no "k" following the #.
  10. First line is probably a manufacturer number and need not match.
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