CrossfireX Card Installation!! HELP ME!!!

Hello whoever is reading this and hopefully helping me. I am setting up a new computer and have purchased two HIS RADEON HD 6670 graphics cards and was hoping to run them in CrossfireX mode (OBVIOUSLY). Anyway, I need to purchase a AMD interconnect bridge cable, but am unable to find one online that says it works specifically with my model graphics card. Can anyone point me in the proper direction.
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  1. Any of them will do. But 6670 are pretty weak power consuming cards, and since they're about $100 each, thats pretty overpriced. You could have gotten a 6870 which is MUCH BETTER than 6670 Xfire and is only $160.
  2. True. But I only wanted to take up one slot per card, and I was told that the 6770 was stable and stays cool easily. Plus when you take into consideration my AMD 8 core (3.6ghz) processor, plus 16gb RAM, and a SSD drive, I don't really feel like the graphics card differences will be to much of a drag, especially while running them in crossfireX. When you say any of them, do you mean like one of these.
  3. Yeah. any of em should work. And if it's gaming, GPU's will make a HUGE difference.
  4. Which motherboard do you have? If it is CFX ready, it should have came with the bridge.
  5. I have a MSI 970A-G45. It is CFX ready, but did not come with the bridge, neither did either of the graphic cards.

    and in two years when a game comes out that a more powerful set a GPU's is needed then I will upgrade. Hopefully they are still using PCI Express 2.0.
  6. Btw dual slot graphics cards take up one slot. They just are thicker.
  7. true, but my older graphics card (dual) is so dang think that I cannot use the PCI slot next to it. Which I would like to avoid in the future. When the next generation of video games come out I will go ahead and upgrade, but for now these cards should suffice. My laptop ran the BF3 Beta on max graphics without any difficulty. It's graphics system is 2 years old. So I'm not worried about these cards being up to stuff.
    Thanks for the help.
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